Joseph Pitruzzelli Sucks!
Sausage Encased In His Own Ego, Lies and Hypocrisy
Violating The Lives Of Los Angeles Arts District Artists since 2009 With No Apologies To Date
"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."


This was Joseph Pitruzzelli's response to my repeated written and verbal requests to respect the residential aspect of the legal artist in residence loft that Wurstkuche was illegally using directly next to my studio in the heart of the LA Arts District and continues to illegally use to this day as a 24 hour commercial warehouse for there over priced weiner factory next door:

. . . "I don't need to talk to my lawyer about what breach of quite enjoyment means and to know that your dogs barking (are they even licensed?), your crazy shouting and your smut porn showroom across from a church is more of a case . You live in a warehouse district, you live in a WAREHOUSE on the ground floor directly on the street...

 . . . I suggest you close your window, wear earplugs, move your bed, put a sleeping mask on, buy an air filter, or move to a cave where there is no one to bother you, whatever helps.  Again you live in a WAREHOUSE on 3rd street!"

--Joseph Pitruzzelli
June 11, 2010
DEC. 2012... To Joseph Pitruzzelli,

Hey... "Mr. Church across the street from my 'smut porn' studio"... If you are so religious...
tell me something LARABA's pathetically ignorant self centered hypocritical asshole of a president... Would your buddy Jesus or any other human for that matter that isn't a self serving republican douche bag like you Joseph, have treated his artist neighbors like your self serving corporate minded ass treated me and all the artist around you?  And in the heart of what was the LA Arts district?  Well, what was the arts district until you republicans arrived... That was a legal artist in residence I was living in you pathetically ignorant sleazy republican pile of shit!  I was not living in a warehouse until you turned it into one, you self centered anti-artist asshole! This was the arts district and you made my studio an unlivable uncreative nightmare with your lack of any conscience to date to how fucking invasive Wurstkuche has been!  You've had the corporate foot print of a dinosaur, and did that in the heart of the LA arts district, a creative environment where I had been for 30 years before you arrived and stepped on any creative or livable aspect my artist loft had and put a sleazy wurstkuched sausage blight on what was a creative neighborhood, you pathetic corporate minded little republican fuck!  How old are you, you little rapidly balding bitch?

Joseph, I read you and your pansy ass cousin's perjurious declarations of pure bullshit and twisted lies as you and your snotty little cousin tried to play the poor little victims after it was you that tortured me as your neighbor on a daily basis after invading the arts district.  You illegally used that AIR next to me and you never gave a flying fuck how much you disturbed me or anyone else around you.  Your declaration just proves to me in writing what pathetic low life lying sleazy consciousless little weasels you and your cousin both really are.  You blatantly and obviously leave out any reason what so ever why I would come out of my loft to confront you or your employees.  Your continuous 24 hour illegal use of the AIR loft next to me was not the problem?  Or even more important, the time of day or night as the case was.  Not once do you mention the hours of your 24 hour illegal use of that AIR you sleazy pile of shit!  You just twisted everything into self serving lies?  Why is that you sleazy pathetic little bitches?  Because if you actually put the truth in your legal declaration, that would hurt you!  That's why!  Republican scum bags!

And the judge obviously saw right through your twisted lies too!  Saw right through all your pathetic lies about somehow being the victim!  What sleazy bullshit!  Her ruling was right on the button and as she stated, there is nothing in my blogs that is demonstrably false!  But almost everything in your two declarations is!  And your actions have only confirmed everything I said and think about you.

In fact, I challenge both of you two, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson, to sit down in a public forum with me and go through your declarations of lies, line by line.  And we can do the same for my blogs too!  You can point out where exactly I lied in my own blogs.  How about we do this in front of LARABA's board members at an open meeting in the arts district?  You want to do that, wiener boys?  Let's discuss how your disruptive business arrived and illegally used, and is apparently still illegally using to date, the Artist In Residence that was next to what was my long time studio in the heart of the LA arts district, and how you two little bitches somehow became the victim of me, an LA Arts District artist's who was actually trying to live and work in peace until Wilson, Pitruzzelli Investments and it's corporate arrogance arrived and disrupted my life!  You assholes are the worst fucking nightmare any artist could imagine.  Inconsiderate self serving republican assholes!

I got an attorney and stopped paying my rent to my slumlord, Paul Solomon, because of his allowing your continued illegal use of that loft directly next to me!  You and he both were a fucking inconsiderate nightmare that just didn't stop!  You were cited by the city of Los Angeles you fucking assholes and so was that sleazy plutocrat, Paul Solomon!  But neither of you asshole complied!  I stopped paying my rent because of your illegal activity in what use to be an artist loft that you illegally turned into a 24 hour nightmare, you lying sleazy pathetic republican assholes!

And you are the kind of person that the Los Angeles River Artist Business Association wants as their president?  What thoughtless hypocrisy. Your a fucking disgrace!  You're a blatant liar, Joseph with no integrity what so ever.  You're a sleazy hypocrite and you're a flagrant self serving republican scum bag who did nothing but disrupt my life from the moment you arrived in the LA Arts District with your over priced mediocre disruptive sausage factory.  And you damn well know that you never gave a flying fuck!  And I actually tried to be nice to you assholes for well over a year!  You and your pansy ass little cousin Tyler are nothing but consciousless, self centered, pork encased pig shit republicans to me.  You fit right into the gutter with the rest of the GOP!

And as far as your church comment... It's religion flailing hypocritical little weasels like you, Joseph Pitruzzelli, that are the main reason I'm atheist!  Pray on that, LARABA's President of lies and hypocrisy!  LARABA board members obviously care more about your new found money then your long time lack of any integrity or any presents of a conscience what so ever.
-David G.

ps... As I'm sure you now realize, your law suit has made my blogs and your blatant lies public record forever more!

Read the poor victim's lies in his own words:
Joseph_Pitruzzelli_Pathetic_Court_Declaration_Of_Hypocricy_&_Blatant Lies_2012.pdf

COURT RULING 10/15/2012

Joseph Pitruzzelli Sucks: No Respect For His Artist Neighbors

Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson Lose Their Frivolous Defamation Law Suit

I just got the actual court ruling in the mail and posted it as a PDF below.  The judge did get it exactly right.  She seemed to understood perfectly and even explained the situation I was put in and got it right on the button!  I'm actually amazed by the intuitiveness of this ruling.  And according to the judge, Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson actually testified and she got them to confirmed in court the truths in my blogs between my well deserved castigations or opinions as the case may be.  She even got them to admit that they still don't have a proper permit to be using that legal Artist in Residence at 808 E. 3rd. St. as a fucking illegal 24 hour noisy commercial nightmare warehouse for Wurstkuche Restaurant!  SLEAZY SELF SERVING PATHETIC SCUM BAGS!  There are no more artist around them to complain anymore!  They are the Anti-Artists of the LA Arts District.

Anyway, they deservingly lost there harassment suit against me for calling them just that.  Here's the ruling for anyone that cares...

COURT RULING 10/15/2012


      *Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole, however not yet reached fucker or motherfucker. Not to be confuzed with douche.
      *Multiple people who commit consistent douchebaggery ...

Definition: wurstkuche

wurstkuche (worst’ kooch)

From the German; meaning an ordinary or plain "sausage kitchen".

American Slang: definition of wurstkuche; Adj.
1.) To be plain, bland, to be just mediocre, tasteless, dull, nothing special, inferior;
2.) To be very overrated, overblown, inflated in reputation, pompous, ostentatious, arrogant, snobby;

"What a wurstkuche restaurant that was."
"The reviews were all very wurstkuched."
"What a wurstkuche attitude they had!"

Also see:

In 2009, Joseph Pitruzzelli & Tyler Wilson rented an Artist in Residence loft in the Los Angeles Arts District and turned it into a illegal warehouse for their restaurant next door.  After more then a year of written and verbal complaints from their artist neighbor David Goldner to Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson about respecting the residential aspect of the A.I.R. building with regards to Wurstkuche Restaurant's illegal late night, none stop noisy use of an un-insulated artist's loft as a 24 hour commercial warehouse that was sharing a common wall with artist David Goldner's live / work studio, David received an email reply from Wurstkuche owner Joseph Pitruzzelli, who made his concerns clear, or as he did, made it clear his lack of any concern or respect for David as an artist or a neighbor, as well as his lack of knowledge of the history of the Los Angeles Arts District, or why his Arts District neighbor, artist David Goldner was actually living in the arts district in the first place, nor did Joseph care.  For with their success, also came their blatant arrogance and denial of how overwhelmingly and ever glowingly intrusive they were as neighbors.


This was Joseph Pitruzzelli's answer on behalf of Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments LLC and Wurstkuche Restaurant with regards to respecting my rights and the residential aspect of legal Artist in Residence loft they were illegally using directly next door to my studio...
. . . "I don't need to talk to my lawyer about what breach of quite enjoyment means and to know that your dogs barking (are they even licensed?), your crazy shouting and your smut porn showroom across from a church is more of a case . You live in a warehouse district, you live in a WAREHOUSE on the ground floor directly on the street...

 . . . I suggest you close your window, wear earplugs, move your bed, put a sleeping mask on, buy an air filter, or move to a cave where there is no one to bother you, whatever helps.  Again you live in a WAREHOUSE on 3rd street!"

--Joseph Pitruzzelli
June 11, 2010
Now does Joseph Pitruzzelli sound like a person that has any respect or any actual knowledge of the LA Arts District or the artist he's disrupting?  Does Joseph Pitruzzelli have a clue why artists are actually legally living next door to each other in legal lofts that are designed specifically for artists? It's called an AIR asshole!  An Artist in Residence you ignorant self serving pile of shit!  You're in the arts District you inconsiderate corporate douche bag!  There are actually artists trying to live & work in what was a creative atmosphere before you arrived with your 24 hour noisy nightmare next door!  This is not the sausage district you pathetic pork encased brain dead moron!  RESPECT THE ARTISTS!

And this is the person, Joseph Pitruzzelli, who has now been appointed as the new token president of The Los Angeles River Artists Association? What laughable hypocrisy!!  With what credentials? "Republican Money and a big place to meet?"  The wonderful way he treats his artist neighbors? Or is it his obvious lack of any sexual enlightenment to know what, "art, smut or porn" actually are and the difference between them?  Your fake ignorance about your elitist president Joseph Pitruzzelli and how he's treated me as his neighbor is bliss, isn't it LARABA?




Did Joseph Pitruzzelli realize or even care that David Goldner had been an artist living in the LA Arts District in 4 different artist lofts over 30 years, since 1982?  Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson arrived in 2009 and not as artists, but as a noisy disruptive republican owned commercial business. And then they personally and illegally declared that what was an artist residence in the LA Arts District at 808 E. 3rd St., to now be their own personal 24 hour disruptive commercial warehouse, and in doing so tortured their actual artist neighbor in his legal long time creative live / work loft, with no conscience about what they were illegally doing nor any respect for any of their actual artist neighbors.  These were the policies of Joseph Pitruzzelli, Tyler Wilson aka Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments LLC, aka Wurstkuche Restaurant.

808 1/2 E. 3rd St. was one of the nicest photography studio's in the LA Arts District and for many many years.  This is not the warehouse district!!  And it's the Arts district because of the actual artists.  The studios at 808 and 808 1/2 E. 3rd St were great creative live work spaces, and for many decades, at least before Wurstkuche arrived.  It was Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson, aka Wilson Pitruzzelli Investments LLC, aka Wurstkuche Restaurant that in 2009 turned the clock and 808 E. 3rd Street backwards by using that AIR unit in a residential building as an actual 24 hour noisy commercial warehouse in the heart of the Los Angeles Arts District and with no regard for disrupting their artist neighbors on a daily and nightly basis. Wurstkuche was an artist's nightmare come true and on August 10th, 2010, after 18 months of complaints to  Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson, the building's landlords, The City Inspectors, The neighborhood Police, The city council, and any one else that listened to the problem, David Goldner finally could stand no more and filed a law suit himself against Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson, dba Wurstkuche Restaurant.


Then on August 25, 2010, just two weeks after David Goldner filed his law suit and after months of phone calls, letters and emails to the city of Los Angeles to look into the illegal 24 hour commercial use of an artist loft, 808 E. 3rd St., a long time Artist in Residence unit as a commercial warehouse, the city of Los Angeles finally did, citing landlord developer, Paul Solomon for the illeagl use of that AIR Loft, as well as citing Tyler Wilson on behalf of Wurstkuche Restaurant for that on going illegal use as a commercial warehouse for Wurstkuche Restaurant that had by that time already been going on for 18 torturous months for artist neighbor David Goldner!  See city documents below...

Full PDF File of LADBS citing of Tyler Wilson for Wurstkutche's illegal use of AIR unit:

Also See:


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